Reported questions

- Reported questions are a way to express that a question was asked, without providing a direct quotation of the question. "Yes" or "no" questions are usually reported with "if" or "whether" (for example, "I asked if he likes coffee"). When there is a question, use the question word (who, what, when, where, why, how) without any auxiliary verbs. Reported questions do not need question marks.

CORRECT: He asked what time school starts.
INCORRECT: He asked what time does school start.
CORRECT: He wanted to know if he was ready.
INCORRECT: He wanted to know if was he ready.
Direct question Reported question
He asked, "Where did you go?" He asked me where I went.
Sally asked, "What time is it?" Sally asked what time it was.
I said, "Why are you running?" I asked why he was running