The gerund

- The gerund is often mistaken for a verb because it ends in -ing ; however, it functions as a noun in sentences. The gerund can be used as the subject, object, or complement for a sentence. It is made by adding -ing to the infinitive of the verb.

Read à reading
Sing à singing
Learn à learning

Reading is one of my favorite things ! (Subject of sentence)
Sally enjoys swimming. (Object of sentence)
His favorite hobby is singing. (Complement of sentence)

When the gerund is used as the complement, the infinitive can also be used :

His favorite hobby is to sing.

- Just add not to make the sentence negative.

Sally enjoys not swimming.

- There are specific phrases that require the gerund, for example: can’t bear, can’t stand, to be worth, it’s no use.

I can’t bear seeing you with him.
It’s no use cleaning that dress now. The stain is set.
It’s worth waiting for.