Conditional and conditional perfect

- The present conditional is used to describe an imaginary situation or habitual actions of the past (in place of "used to").

Would + infinitive

I would get coffee nearby in the mornings.
If she lost her wallet, I would loan her money.
If I didn’t have a job, I would move back home.

- The conditional perfect is used for something that might have happened in the past. It is almost always accompanied by an "if" phrase to set up the conditional tense.

Would + have + past participle (infinitive+ -ed)

Verb Full form Contracted from
Walk Would have walked Would’ve walked
Sing Would have sung Would’ve sung
Study Would have studied Would’ve studied
Repeat Would have repeated Would’ve repeated
If she had lost her wallet, I would have lent her money.
If I didn’t get a job last month, I would have moved back home.
I would have dressed up more if I knew you were wearing a suit!
She would have changed her behavior if she realized how much it upset her parents.