Parentheses and brackets

- Parentheses are often used to enclose additional information. You need to place the period outside the parentheses unless the entire sentence is inside the parentheses. Part of the subject of a sentence should not be in parentheses.

Rebecca’s salary was higher (40K per year) last year.
Rebecca’s salary was higher last year. (She still earned more than her husband.)
Todd (and his cousin) went fishing for the weekend.
Todd (accompanied by his cousin) went fishing for the weekend.

- Brackets play a different role than parentheses. They are an interruption or change to a phrase added by someone other than the original speaker or writer to either clarify information or indicate an alteration of a quotes. They are mainly used in academic writing.

"[T]he wedding day was magical for everyone involved."
*The brackets indicate that in the original quote "the" wasn’t capitalized and has been changed here.