Currency format

- All currency symbols are placed before the number amount without any spacing. Likewise, the abbreviation of a currency (e.g. USD or, EUR) should precede the number amount with a space.

She received $500 from her grandmother.
I only brought EUR 400 with me for the week.

It’s worth noting that while the symbol or abbreviation precedes the number in text, it is still said aloud as, “five-hundred dollars” or, “four-hundred euros”.

- Many European countries use the comma to mark decimals (cents, pennies, etc.); In English, however, the period (or full stop) is used to make decimals.

Correct: the book cost $8.50 (eight dollars and fifty cents)
Incorrect: the book cost $8,50

Commas in numbers

- In all numbers greater than three digits, at least one comma will be required. Counting from right to left, place a comma after every third number. It is important to note that this is different from many European countries, where the comma and period have reverse roles.