To, too or two?

Learning the difference between "to," "too," and "two," which are all pronounced the same, is fairly straightforward. Let’s look at the differences.

To can be used as a preposition either before a noun or before an infinitive verb.
Too can have two separate meanings: it’s either a synonym of also, or used to indicate that something is excessive.
Two is the number, as in 2. This one is the simplest to use.
Let’s go to the store. (before noun)

I want to eat lunch. (before verb)
I have too much work for this afternoon. (indicates excessiveness)

I want to come, too. (synonym of also)
There are two cars.

How many classes do you have today?
I have two classes.

There are too many people to fit in the two cars we’re using to drive to the hike.