There, their or they’re?

This is an easy grammar mistake to make when you’re not being careful. Luckily it’s also easy to learn and use.

This word represents an abstract or physical place. It is used to show that something exists. A good rule of thumb: if you can replace “there” with the word “here,” it’s being used correctly.
This word is a possessive adjective. It’s used to show possession of something. "Their" can be replaced by the word “our” and still make sense.
This word is the contraction of "they are." It’s often used before a verb ending in -ing. If the phrase works with "they are," then you are using the correct word.
There is tea on the table.

There isn’t any snow outside.

There are many kinds of birds.
Their house is nice.

Their cat is getting old.

Their car has a flat tire.
They’re coming to dinner.

They’re still in school.

They’re singing in a choir.